Looking for a Christian Song About Love? Here are 4 to Choose From

Looking for a Christian Song About Love? Here are 4 to Choose From

Looking for a Christian song about love?

Christian Songs About Love and What They Say About Christian Love

Love. It’s probably the most popular topic in secular pop music. But many a Christian song about love has been written too.

Some people (including many spiritual but not religious people) think that love is one of the great ‘universals’ that unite all humans and make all religions one. (Check out this article and this one too).

Yet what Christians mean by ‘love’ isn’t quite the same as their secular or religious counterparts. Let’s explore the distinctly Christian way of loving through each Christian song about love below. 

Oh How We Love You by United Pursuit featuring Will Reagan

This song is a great one to get the ball rolling. It talks about the universal need, the universal ‘ache inside’ we all have to love. It even uses all the songs and stories that have been written about love as an example of this:

Thousands of songs have been sung
Stories of loss and of love
We can't deny this aching desire to respond

Yet this is where the song takes a distinctly Christian turn. Why do we have this ache for love inside? Because we’re all hungering for Jesus – specifically Jesus. Our need for Jesus is the root of this ‘aching desire’ that ‘we can’t deny’.

Jesus, oh how we love you
Jesus, oh how we love you
There's no other we desire
There's no other we desire

You Bled by Rend Collective

I’m a big fan of Rend Collective … and so was very happy to be able to include them on this list!

Their Christian song about love ‘You Bled’ encapsulates beautifully the fact that what Christians mean by ‘love’ is specifically the love that Jesus demonstrated when He was on earth.

As God made man Jesus revealed to us what God is like. Because God is love, that means we know what love is like too! Or as Rend Collective put it:

This is love 
You gave yourself

Christians believe that Jesus’ sacrificial act of taking on our human brokenness and being crucified on the cross to restore God’s relationship with us, is the truest revelation of love that we have. And what’s more, now that we have a clear picture of the ‘marvellous’, ‘wonderful’, ‘sacrificial’ and ‘boundless’ love of God … we can love others that way too:

You bled your heart out 
Now I feel love beat in my chest

Broken Together by Casting Crowns

Many of us get our earliest ideas of love from fairytales. The prince rescues the princess and they live happily ever after. Yet the Disney view of love doesn’t quite tally up with Christian ideas of love. In fact … as far as Christians are concerned, the Disney view can actually get in the way of us properly understanding love. After all, Disney films usually finish when the couple gets married and leaves out the rollercoaster ride that can follow!

The song ‘Broken Together’ by Casting Crowns does a great job of showing the Christian view of romantic love.

The song makes clear that it’s picking up where the Disney films left off – when the fairytale is over:

I know we're not the fairytale you dreamed we'd be
You wore the veil, you walked the aisle, you took my hand
And we dove into a mystery

And it also refers to how badly fairytale ideas of love prepare people for the reality of marriage. It’s said ‘we dove into a mystery’. In other words, the couple in the song had no idea what they were getting into!

So, if the wedding isn’t a ‘they lived happily ever after’ moment – what is it? Well, it’s a ‘mystery’ in another sense … a spiritual ‘mystery’. It’s one means (definitely not the only means) God can use to transform our hearts and heal our brokenness.

To make a marriage last forever we’re forced to put aside a lot of selfishness and pride and other bad qualities God would like to remove from our hearts and minds:

It's going to take much more than promises this time
Only God can change our minds

The wedding vows themselves aren’t enough to keep love going. We have to let God transform us on the inside.

Love, Love, Love by Sidewalk Prophets

Love, Love, Love by Sidewalk Prophets is a great one if you just want to get a sense of the joyfulness of love. You’ll see what I mean when you listen to the music!

But it also makes some pretty important points about love too.

It gives a more all-encompassing view of Christian love than the other songs.

Like ‘Broken Together’ it talks about how Christian love is different to many ideas of love we’re given in, for example, ‘the pages of a fairytale’ or ‘reality television’.

Like ‘You Bled’ it presents the life and death of Jesus as the definition of Christian love:

Read about a man who came into this world
Loving every man, woman, boy and girl

Yet besides these points, it also tries to get at something else besides. It tries to target the disillusionment many people feel nowadays with the concept of love. After all, we’re sold so many different ideas of love, no wonder people start to wonder if love can really be counted on or exist when most of them don’t work! This being so they reassure us that love is more than the phony versions we’re so often sold and that fail us:

It goes deeper than just religion
Realer than reality television
Truer than the pages of a fairytale
It'll happily ever never fail

Besides the lyrics, the very joyfulness of the music aims to show you that there’s no need to feel disillusioned with love. Love is real, it can be counted on and it’s wonderful!

But to experience real love there’s something we need to do. We need to clear away the ideas of love that have let us down and just focus on the truest revelation of love that we have – the love Jesus demonstrated.

So What is Christian Love according to these Christian Love Songs?

God is love, as revealed to us most perfectly through the acts of Jesus. Love is sacrificial and boundless, as seen in the astonishing lengths Jesus went to in order to restore the God-human relationship.

Love is an ache, a longing, a reminder that we need Jesus. There’s a reason why God went to all these lengths to restore His relationship with us. It’s not just because He wanted us but because we need Him too.

Christian romantic love is something that forces us to stop being selfish. For this reason it’s a means God uses of intense spiritual purification.

And finally, Christians don’t believe Christian love is the same as other views of love. In fact, Christians make a bold claim. It claims that other views of love will let you down whereas the love of Jesus can take on anything – even death!

Prompts For Thought

What differences have you noticed between Christian ideas of love and other views?

Have you ever felt let down by views of love common in your culture? How?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Hi Samantha! I love (no pun intended) the topic of this post! There are various styles of music with the same encouraging message. Knowing and sharing God’s love truly changes what’s within us and between us for the better. My favorite song in this line-up is “Live Like That!”

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